mardi 23 septembre 2014

L'Art de la Guerre… in english !

For english speaking players who read this blog, the popular (in France) ancient rules i used to play is now available in english from Northstar Military figures :

L'Art de la Guerre allows you to play battles quickly and easily between all ancient armies from antiquity to the late Middle Ages. You can play with any sized miniatures from 6mm to 28mm high. The basing is compatible with the majority of existing rules. 
This full colour book contains all you need to quickly get started playing games. Players are able to easily compose an army of their choice among the 283 army lists (including Mesoamerican armies). The book is complete, there is no need to purchase any supplements. 
L'Art de la Guerre's flexible system allows players to play standard sized games in a matter of two hours with relatively few figures as well as expansive games with multitudes of miniatures on large tables that can last an evening of play or longer.

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